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House Points

February 2016 saw the introduction of our new House Point system. This allows all our pupils, from Foundation Stage through to Year 6, to be part of a team in order to earn rewards for the other people within their group.

We hope that this House system will help to develop a caring and supportive environment for all children who feel valued as part of their House family. It will encourage respect, consideration, courtesy and teamwork throughout the school with all the children working towards a certain target.

House Points are awarded to children who consistently follow the school values:

  • Care
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Friendship
  • Perseverance

Any member of staff in school can award House Points to all children, not just the class teacher.

We have named the Houses after Royal houses that have reigned in England, but they are also street names that surround our school and they have colours to represent them:

  • Stuart House – Yellow
  • Tudor House – Green
  • Windsor House – Blue
  • Hanover House – Red

Children will be rewarded as part of the winning House on a weekly and termly basis, with a big end of year celebration as the points continue to be totalled. House competitions will become part of our school life, including sport, reading, maths, singing etc.