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Curriculum Statement

In order to create our curriculum, we have implemented the statutory requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum in a way that meets both the needs and interests of our children. Incorporated into our curriculum are opportunities to create positive relationships, take risks and be reflective learners. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and reflects fundamental British values which are explicitly planned in.

We also ensure that there is a great focus on all aspects of Literacy and Mathematics. The academy uses ‘Read Write Inc.’ to deliver a structured phonics programme throughout Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Fiction-based literacy lessons are taught using ‘Talk for Writing’ techniques that provide children with the tools they need for creating exciting written work in Key Stage 1.  In Key Stage 2 literacy is linked to topic and texts to expose the children to a high number of texts.

In the coming academic year, we will be using an exciting new topic based approach to the teaching of the foundation subjects (subjects other than Literacy and Mathematics). The curriculum is designed to engage and enthuse children in their learning and allows them to take ownership of the topic linking learning and thinking. Each half term will be spent looking at a topic with a particular subject area at its core, but that also covers a range of subjects across the curriculum. This means that the students are taught the skills they require and are also able to apply their skills seeing links and applications to other areas of the curriculum.  Over the year, the whole curriculum, for a particular year group, is covered through the different focus subjects and some focused ‘top up’ teaching to ensure that there are no gaps in learning.  Seal is taught ensuring that the social and emotional aspects are addressed through specific teaching.  The school follows the Barnsley agreed syllabus for Religious Education which can be accessed through the link below.  While in year 4 the children are provided with the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument through Brass tuition.  During year 4 also the children access swimming in the spring and summer terms.

Religious Education

We are extremely excited about this learning opportunity for both the children and teachers and we are looking forward to getting stuck in!

Please click on the links below for an overview of the Learning that each year group will be covering each half term. 

 Year 1 Curriculum Plan

Year 2 Curriculum Plan

Year 3 Curriculum Plan

Year 4 Curriculum Plan

Year 5 Curriculum Plan

Year 6 Curriculum Plan

Foundation Stage 2 Autumn Term 1 – Wonderful Me

Foundation Stage 2 Autumn Term 2 – Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Foundation Stage 2 Spring Term 1 – Snow and Ice

Foundation Stage 2 Spring Term 2 – Growing and Changing

Foundation Stage 2 Summer Term 1 – Marvellous Minibeasts

Foundation Stage 2 Summer Term 2 – Helpful People