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Academy Values

Our Academy Values are:

Scholarship – Loving learning!

Here at the Hill we want to children to appreciate the importance of learning.  They understand that by learning they are able to open doors and create pathways.  Their successes will drive forward their ambitions. 

Tenacity – Loving challenge! 

Our pupils know the importance of having the determination to keep going when things are difficult. Children at THPA understand that at times they may fail but we support them to learn from their failures to go on and achieve their dreams.

Curiosity – Loving inquiry!

Through our curriculum offer, we encourage pupils to be curious about the world in which we live, by asking questions, exploring perceptions, and challenging points of view. Through harnessing their inquisitive nature, they increase their understanding of the world and consider their contributions towards it.  

Empathy – Loving others!

We encourage our pupils to celebrate the differences between all people, cultures, and faiths.  We place high importance on our relationships education and use an inquiry approach to develop pupils’ ability’s to respectfully disagree.  By learning about the world in which they live and the people within it they have a better understanding and mutual respect for all.

Pride – Loving yourself!

We want the children at THPA to feel proud!  We support them to find what they are good at and provide opportunities to celebrate all achievements.  We support our pupils to ensure that they all feel success which supports their happiness and develops their self-worth.  We are proud of our school community and the community which we serve and want to instill this pride in our pupils.

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